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Utes - Utility Vehicles - Facts About and Photos of Utes

Australian utes, Rancheros, El Caminos -- this is where you'll find details about those half-car, half-truck utility vehicles.
  1. Chevy El Caminos (4)
  2. Ford Rancheros (2)

Holden Ute History
A look back at the history of the Holden ute.

New Falcon Ute Christened
Early this year Ford Australia asked consumers to suggest names for the new Falcon Ute. The winner is on record for naming the new truck--and he received $10,000 worth of power tools for his entry. Not bad. And not a bad looking truck.

Aussie Icon Turns 50
A 2001 article about the Holden Ute, which began production in 1951. From Autoweb.com.au.

Chevy/GMC - Holden Body
A pictorial look at various utes from the World War II era.

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