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Bedrug Bedliner Review

After looking at just about every bedliner on the market, I chose a Bedrug®, a bedliner made from soft plastic fibers.

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BedSlide 1000 Pro SE Review

Friday April 26, 2013

BedSlide ReviewBedSlide designs and manufactures durable units that extend beyond the end of a pickup truck's tailgate, making it a cinch to load and unload cargo without crawling inside the bed or reaching over its sides. Multiple stop (and lock) points keep the surface firmly in place while you deal with cargo, and when you're finished, the full-width handle makes it easy to slide the surface towards the cab and  tuck it securely inside the bed.

BedSlide 1000 Pro SE Review

Lighten the Load with BOLT Locks

Wednesday April 24, 2013

BOLT Locks ReviewBOLT locks can help simplify your life by reducing the number of keys you have to sort through the next time padlocks and other types of locks need to be opened. Once converted, your truck key handles them all, and that means no more fumbling around with a bundle of little keys that all look alike.

About BOLT Locks

Meet the Smart For-Us Electric Concept Truck

Monday April 22, 2013

Smart For-Us Concept TruckOne new concept at a recent North American International Auto Show came from an unexpected source. Smart's For-Us electric truck is a 2-seater, aerodynamically engineered little vehicle with cargo space that's designed to carry a couple of Smart ebikes.

How to Avoid Buying a Water Damaged Truck

Tuesday April 16, 2013

Some cars and trucks that have been through floods -- or water-damaged in another way -- will be cleaned up and sold, with no warning to the buyer that they've been soaked. It shouldn't happen, but it does, and there are nearly always plenty of flood damaged vehicles making their way around the country. Use our tips to help detect water damage when you're buying a pickup truck or other auto.

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