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Pickup Truck Pictures - Pictures of Pickup Trucks

Pictures of Late Model Trucks, Vintage Trucks, Concept & Custom Trucks


Looking at pictures of trucks is always a good way to preview of the real thing, no matter whether you want a new or used pickup truck, are researching vintage models, or are a trucks enthusiast who likes to keep up with industry trends. You'll find an extensive set of truck photo galleries on About.com Trucks, and they're all accessible from this document.

Truck galleries are in alphabetical order down the page, with vintage trucks, concepts and customs at the end.

Cadillac Escalade Pictures

2007 Cadillac EXT
Photo © Dale Wickell
Like the Chevy Avalanche, the Cadillac Escalade EXT sport utility truck has two rows of seats for five occupants. The second row folds forward to to expand the truck's cargo space, and folding the midgate down extends the truck bed into the cab -- a helpful feature if you occasionally need to haul long items.

You'll find plenty of features inside the EXT, some standard -- some optional, like leather power front seats, automatic climate control, and a heated steering wheel and navigation system. The EXT's optional air conditioned seats are something we're beginning to see on more vehicles.

Chevy & GMC Truck Pictures

chevy trucks
© Chevrolet
I've lumped Chevy and GMC truck galleries into one index for now, since some of the products are closely related. Look here for pictures of late model Chevy Silverado and Colorado pickup trucks, Chevy Avalanche, GMC Sierra and Canyon trucks, the short-lived Chevy SSR and other discontinued models, and Chevrolet concept and customs.

You'll find SUV photo galleries for 2006 and prior model year vehicles.

Dodge Truck Pictures

pickup trucks
© Chrysler Group
Looking for Dodge Ram and Dakota pictures? This is a good starting point. You'll find photos of Dodge custom and concept trucks, too, and Dodge SUVs prior to 2007.

Ford and Lincoln Truck Photo Galleries

super duty truck
Photo © Dale Wickell
The Ford truck gallery index is probably the largest on About.com Trucks, in part because Ford is constantly developing special edition pickups. The galleries cover current trucks and trucks from several years back, and also include numerous concept trucks, custom trucks and vintage trucks.

Lincoln has a single truck, the Mark LT, and you can skip directly to its photo gallery index if that's what you're looking for.

Honda Photo Galleries

honda ridgeline truck
Photo © Janet Wickell
You'll find pictures of Honda's Ridgeline truck here, and if it's one you still haven't seen up close, I encourage you to take a look. The Ridgeline has some innovative features that you won't find on other pickups.

The galleries include Honda SUVs prior to the 2007 model year.

HUMMER Pictures

hummer pictures
Photo © GM
The HUMMER index goes back to 2005, but after that year it primarily focuses on the HUMMER H2 SUT. You'll find some HUMMER concepts and customs here, too, like Warrior One, a HUMMER H1 customized by Overhaulin' and sold at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Arizona. Proceeds were donated to charity.

Isuzu i-Series Trucks

isuzu trucks
© Isuzu
Here's where you'll find photo coverage for Isuzu's i-Series pickup truck.

Mazda Pictures

Mazda CX-9
© Mazda
The Mazda B-Series is the automaker's only truck offering, but the gallery includes pictures of SUVs prior to the 2007 model year.

Nissan Truck Photo Galleries

titan truck
© Nissan
Nissan offers two trucks, the compact Frontier and big Titan. Like other trucks, Nissan pickups have become more plush since we called them Datsuns, but you can still get your hands on a bare-bones model if that's what you are looking for.

Suzuki Equator Pickup Truck

suzuki equator truck
© Dale Wickell
The Suzuki Equator is a mid-size truck that's being built at the Nissan factory in Tennessee. It's based on the Nissan Frontier, with a first model year 2009. Suzuki introduced the truck at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show, showing us three concepts of it instead of the production version.

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