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What You'll Need to Install a Receiver Trailer Hitch


When you shop for a trailer hitch you'll find different designs, including a receiver trailer hitch, where one component is permanently attached to the vehicle. A draw bar slides into the receiver for towing, but can be removed when it isn't needed.

Trailer hitches are rated a couple of different ways:

  • by how much weight they can tow, and
  • by their maximum tongue weight (the weight applied downward on the hitch ball)

Hitch Classes

  • Class I - up to 2,000 pounds gross trailer weight, 200 pounds maximum tongue weight

  • Class II - up to 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight, 350 pounds maximum tongue weight

  • Class III - up to 5,000 pounds gross trailer weight, 500 pounds maximum tongue weight

  • Class IV - up to 12,000 pounds gross trailer weight, 1,200 pounds maximum tongue weight

Gooseneck and fifth-wheel hitches can tow considerably more, but the weight you can safely tow depends on your truck's towing capacity.

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