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Truck Accessories - Backup Camera Systems

Backup Camera Systems for Pickup Trucks


rostra back up camera system

Monitor for Rostra's RearSight Back-up Camera System for 2007 and 2008 Silverado and Sierra trucks.

Rostra Precision Controls, Inc.
A backup camera is a device that comes in handy when you're hooking up a trailer hitch, parallel-parking or any other time you want a better look at what's behind your truck.

Auto manufacturers are beginning to offer factory versions of backup cameras, but that doesn't help those of us who drive older pickups. Accessory companies like Rostra Precision Controls have stepped in to fill the need.

Rostra RearSight® Back-up Camera Systems

Rostra offers model-specific back-up camera systems for a number of vehicles, including several trucks. The monitors for different systems vary, depending on where they best fit with the truck's interior. For instance, the F-150 monitor sits on top of the dash. Others are integrated into the rearview mirror.

Cameras are typically mounted into the tailgate handle or license plate bracket.

Multi Purpose Monitor

Rostra's backup camera system for 2007 and 2008 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks includes a 3.5" monitor that replaces the coin tray in the dash, making it look more like a factory accessory.

The monitor has two additional input jacks that can be used to plug in a DVD player, babycam or other devices. When you shift into reverse, the system automatically switches over to the back-up camera.

The camera itself is mounted into a waterproof case with an anti-fog lens. It delivers a 150-degree view to the monitor.

Backup Camera System Cost

Rostra's GM truck backup camera system is priced at $566 (Aug. 2008). The company recommends professional installation, saying the process takes about 30 minutes.

You'll find more information about all of the company's backup systems on Rostra's Web site.

Other Backup Systems

Northern Tool offers a two-piece system -- the rear view mirror holds a monitor:

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