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Classic Holden Utes

Holden Ute History - Pictures of Vintage Holden Utes


All of these photos came from the Holden / GM archives and are in chronological order. Manufacturers aren't real good about providing dates, and when they do the dates aren't always accurate, so any info you'd like to pass on about the trucks is welcome.

About the History of Holden Utes

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Holden FX UteHolden FX UteHolden FX UteHolden FX UteHolden 48-215 Sedan Launch, 1948Holden FX Ute & VE UteHolden FX Ute & VE Ute
Holden FJ UteHolden FJ UteHolden FE UteHolden FE UteHolden FC UteHolden FC UteHolden FB UteHolden FB Ute
Holden EK UteHolden EK UteHolden EJ UteHolden EJ UteHolden EH UteHolden EH UteHolden HD UteHolden HD Ute
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