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Driving and Maintence Advice

Track current truck recalls and find details to help you maintain and repair a truck when necessary. Includes winter driving advice, tips for safe towing, tire safety considerations and more.
  1. Choose a Battery (3)
  2. Pickup Truck Recalls (32)
  3. Clean and Detail Your Truck (10)
  4. Winterize Your Truck (5)
  5. Swaps & Conversions (9)
  6. Truck Repair Manuals (3)
  7. Air Bags Safety Issues (4)
  8. Crash Tests (3)
  9. Mobility Programs (2)
  10. Theft Prevention (1)
  11. Pickup Truck Magazines (3)
  12. Lemon Center (1)

Trailer Hitch Classes
There are five types of rear mount trailer hitch classes, each one sorted by the amount of weight they can safely pull. Here's an explanation of the classes and a rundown of optional equipment that will help you tow more safely.

Trailer Hitch Parts
A look at the parts included in a receiver type trailer hitch.

Tire Safety Advice
Tire safety checks should be a regular part of your car or truck's maintenance.

How to Change a Flat Tire
Everyone who drives should know how to change a flat tire. Use these tips to learn how to change a tire and do it safely.

How To Inspect Tires for Wear
Follow a few important checks to monitor your truck's tires.

Keep Your Auto Air Conditioning in Top Shape
There are many things you can do to keep your truck's air conditioning system in top shape, and pinpoint issues when they do occur.

Does Your Truck's Air Conditioner Stink?
Does your truck's air conditioner have a moldy, musty smell? Use these tips to help prevent the problem, or to correct an odor that's already occurring.

Should You Modify Your Truck to Improve Fuel Mileage?
With the high price of fuel, pickup truck owners are searching for ways to improve mileage. Will modifications help?

How to Choose the Best Battery for a Truck
Advice to help you select a battery for your truck.

Don't Forget to Check the Truck's Cabin Filter
Out of sight, out of mind... does that old saying describe your truck's cabin filter? We'll show you how to determine if it should be changed, because a quick glance isn't enough.

How Auto Recalls and Service Bulletins Differ
Learn how automotive recalls and service bulletins differ, and how the differences might affect your truck or car's maintenance.

Pickup Truck Suspension Systems
Get the facts about the types of suspension systems used in pickup trucks.

Road Trip Checklist
Are you getting ready to head out on a vacation or other road trip? Take a little time before you go to make sure your truck or car is as ready to hit the road as you are.

What Are Brake Rotors?
Brake Rotors make your truck's braking system stop when you push the pedal. Learn how rotors work.

Pickup Trucks
Do you drive a pickup truck? Here's some advice you can use to help buy and care for a new or used pickup truck.

Learn How to Tow a Trailer
Don't be nervous about learning to tow a trailer, because towing isn't difficult. It takes some study and prep-work, and you'll need to choose the right equipment to do the job safely.

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