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Pickup Truck Reviews, Features, Options and Photos


Use our resources to research new and used pickup trucks. Our truck reviews and other buying advice will help you find the best pickup truck for your needs. Reviews provide opinions, and highlights documents give you the straight facts about configuration options for each model year. Our truck photo galleries offer a preview of trucks from many model years.

  1. 2014 Pickup Trucks
  2. 2013 Pickup Trucks
  3. 2012 Pickup Trucks
  4. 2011 Truck Reviews
  5. 2010 Trucks
  6. Trucks, 2009 and Older
  7. Pickup Truck Fuel Economy
  1. Truck Safety Ratings & Features
  2. Before You Buy a Pickup Truck
  3. Dealing with Auto Dealers
  4. Pictures of Trucks
  5. Hybrid Trucks
  6. New Technologies

2014 Pickup Trucks

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition Pickup Truck

Right now, most automakers haven't released information about their 2014 pickup trucks... unless they're planning to introduce a redesign, that is. We'll add 2014 updates as new information is released.

2013 Pickup Trucks

2013 Ford Super Duty Platinum Truck

Watch for significant changes to some of the pickup trucks sold in the United States for the 2013 model year.

2012 Pickup Trucks

Opinions and facts to help you choose the best 2012 pickup truck for your needs.

2011 Truck Reviews

Ram Outdoorsman

Read opinions and get the facts about trucks for the current model year. Automakers made many changes to trucks in 2011, adding creature comforts and updating safety features. Which truck is best for you?

2010 Trucks

Toyota Tacoma Review

Explore 2010 trucks. Read truck reviews from our team, compare model highlights and flip through pickup truck photo galleries.

Trucks, 2009 and Older

Facts and opinions about trucks from previous model years -- helpful information if you're shopping for a used truck.

Pickup Truck Fuel Economy

Get the facts about pickup truck fuel economy ratings. Find out what type of gas mileage you can expect to get from your new truck and learn how to save gas no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

Truck Safety Ratings & Features

Get the facts about truck safety ratings and learn about optional and standard safety systems installed in pickup trucks. Includes details about truck recalls.

Before You Buy a Pickup Truck

Don't head to the car lots until you have a pretty good feel for some of the decisions you'll be expected to make when you buy a truck.

Dealing with Auto Dealers

Don't wait 'til you get to the dealership to make all of your decisions. Get familiar with some of your truck buying options now so that you'll make better decisions when it's time to sign that contract.

Pictures of Trucks

Looking at pictures of trucks is always a good way to preview the real thing, no matter whether you want a new or used pickup truck, are researching vintage models, or are a trucks buff who likes to keep up with industry trends.

Hybrid Trucks

Will we see more hybrid pickup trucks in coming years? With gas prices escalating at a rapid pace, let's hope that automakers can develop hybrid pickups that offer a positive blend of power and improved fuel economy.

New Technologies

The quest for better gas mileage is a top priority for auto manufacturers, but pickup truck configurations have seen other improvements in recent years, too.

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