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Hybrid Pickup Trucks

We're beginning to see more hybrid pickup trucks, a combination of a few production trucks and hybrid concepts. Get the facts about hybrid trucks, find out how they perform in road tests, and learn which manufacturers might just be releasing their own hybrid trucks in the near future.
  1. Ford Hybrids (2)
  2. Lexus Hybrid SUVs (1)
  3. Toyota Hybrids (4)

Ford and Toyota Team Up to Develop Truck & SUV Hybrid System
Information about Ford and Toyota's partnership to develop new hybrid systems for pickup trucks and SUVs.

Quick Road Tests: GM Hybrid Trucks
I had a chance to road test GM's new hybrid trucks, the Chevy Silverado Hybrid and the GMC Sierra Hybrid.

2009 GMC Sierra Hybrid Truck
GMC Sierra Hybrid Pickup Truck photos and highlights.

GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept Truck
A look at the GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept Truck introduced at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show.

2009 Chevy Silverado Hybrid Pickup Truck
Chevy says you can expect a 40-percent fuel economy increase during city driving when you're riding around in its new Silverado hybrid.

2009 Chevy Silverado Hybrid Truck Photo Gallery
According to Chevrolet, its 2009 Silverado hybrid truck will deliver a 40-percent fuel mileage savings when compared to the traditional V-8 Silverado.

Toyota A-BAT Hybrid Concept Truck Photo Gallery
Take a look at the Toyota A-BAT hybrid concept truck.

Raser Technologies Building a Hybrid Truck
Raser Technologies announced that it is building a light duty hybrid truck that will get 100+ miles per gallon.

Hybrid Basics
Our Alternative Fuels Guides put together this helpful hub of information about hybrid vehicles.

HUMMER H2H - Hydrogen Powered Experimental Vehicle
General Motors delivered a hydrogen powered HUMMER to the California Governor's office. The H2H is a HUMMER H2 that was re-engineered to operate on gaseous hydrogen fuel. Here's a look at HUMMER's experimental vehicle.

Tax Savings for Hybrid Vehicles, 2005
Some hybrid vehicles qualified for tax-savings in 2005.

2005 GMC Sierra Hybrid Truck Review
Better fuel economy without losing capability -- is the GMC Sierra Hybrid the best truck for your needs?

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