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North American International Auto Show - NAIAS


North American International Auto Show - NAIAS

One small portion of the million square foot space at the 2006 NAIAS

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What is the NAIAS?:

The North American International Auto Show, called NAIAS for short and tagged the "Detroit Auto Show" by many, came to life in 1907 as a regional auto show with 17 exhibitors. The event grew steadily until World War II brought it to a temporary halt, but when the show came back, it came back stronger than ever, with auto manufacturers joining other exhibitors to display their new vehicles. By 2006 the NAIAS had ninety-one exhibitors spread over one million square feet of show area. The show is now one of the most important international venues for new vehicle introductions.

When and where is the NAIAS held?:

The NAIAS is held each January at the COBO Exhibition Center in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

Are show tickets available to the public?:

The NAIAS begins with a three-day press preview, followed by two days that are set aside for auto industry suppliers and employees to attend. The Charity Preview is next, a black tie affair that raised $6.8 million for Detroit children in 2006. Tickets for the 2007 Charity Preview are $400 each and must be purchased in advance. The public show is held on the show's final Saturday and Sunday.

What can I expect to see at the show?:

There are always plenty of new introductions at the North American International Auto Show -- production vehicles and concepts. Sometimes automakers bring vintage vehicles with them to display alongside contemporary models. We usually see teaser photos and press releases during the month or two leading up to the auto show, but the industry is pretty good about keeping its new introductions under wraps until they're actually brought out on stage. Most stage reveals are full-production events, with plenty of lights, props and an occasional celebrity.

How can I attend the show?:

Visit the NAIAS Web site for yearly show dates and information about tickets.

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