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Toyota A-BAT Hybrid Truck

Toyota Introduces a Hybrid Concept Truck


Toyota's A-BAT hybrid concept pickup truck was introduced at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The compact pickup has an expandable cargo area and is powered by the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System -- the same system used in the Prius.

The A-BAT is targeted at commuters who are looking for a compact vehicle that gets good gas mileage but can be used for occasional hauling tasks.

One of the reasons manufacturers build concepts is to get public reaction to a design. Will the A-BAT go from concept to production? Only time will tell, but there seems to be a growing interest in this type of truck.

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hybrid truck, toyota abat truckA-BAT Side Viewhybrid trucks, abat truckA-BAT Front Viewhybrid trucksA-BAT Rear ViewToyota A-BAT Concept Truck Tailgate StorageA-BAT Storage Under Tailgate
hybrid trucksA-BAT WheelToyota A-BAT Hybrid Concept Truck's BedA-BAT Concept Truck BedToyota A-BAT Concept Truck MidgateA-BAT Truck with Midgate Downhybrid trucksA-BAT Bed - Side Storage
Toyota A-BAT Concept Truck's RooflineA-BAT Roof Slid Forward to Haul Tall Objecthybrid trucksA-BAT Interior Viewabat hybrid truckA-BAT Instrument ClusterToyota A-BAT Concept Truck's DashA-BAT Concept Truck's Dash
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