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Road Tests - Truck Road Tests and Comparisons at GM's Milford Proving Ground


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Road Tests and Truck Comparisons on GM's Test Track
road tests, truck road tests

Full Size Trucks Ready for Road Tests at GM's Milford Proving Ground

© Dale Wickell

Truck Road Tests

I had a chance to compare the capabilities of several full-size trucks at GM's Milford Proving Ground, a 4,000-acre facility in Michigan. Test courses wind around four lakes and are equal to over 138 miles of two-lane highway, enough to provide a variety of road tests that simulate difficult driving conditions that we all encounter in the real world.

Most of our road tests focused on truck power and safety issues, like vehicle stability control, traction, and towing abilities.

GM brought in the big guns for our road tests. Here, a Dodge Ram diesel truck, Ford Super Duty diesel and a Chevrolet Silverado HD Duramax diesel are flanked by a Silverado pickup and a Toyota Tundra.

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