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Truck Buying Advice

Pickup truck buying advice that helps you choose the best pickup truck for your needs. Use these suggestions to get a great deal on your next new or used pickup truck.
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How Wheel Balance and Front End Alignment Differ
Wheel balance and alignment problems create differ symptoms. We'll help you learn what to watch for (and pass on to a technician).

2012 Trucks with Best Resale Value
Kelley Blue Book's top-picks -- 2012 pickup trucks it believes will have the best resale value after three and five years.

How to Buy a Used Truck
Truck buyers sometimes forget these important must-do tasks when they shop for a used truck.

Review Your Pickup Truck
Review your pickup truck. Share your opinions with truck owners worldwide.See submissions

Review Your Pickup Truck
Do you love your truck or are you sorry you bought it? Write a pickup truck review to share your opinions with truck owners worldwide.

Anti-Lock Brakes
Learn how your anti-lock brake system enhances safety when you hit the brake pedal (and what to do to ensure you don't accidentally turn the system off).

Best Pickup Truck Safety Features
Not too many years ago, the newest and best safety innovations were nearly all installed on cars, while truck owners waited for the features to become popular enough to justify design changes required to put them on trucks. Thankfully, that's no longer the case, because today's trucks have all the safety systems that top cars have, and the systems are designed specifically for the needs of…

Gap Insurance
Gap insurance facts, and why you should consider coverage when you buy a new pickup truck.

Should You Buy an Auto Service Contract?
Ask important questions before you buy an auto service contract and be sure that you understand how they differ.

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Truck?
A lease makes sense for many people who are shopping for a car or truck. We'll help you sort out the pros and cons.

Steer Clear of Flood Damaged Vehicles
Most flood damaged cars, trucks and SUVs are sent to a salvage yard, but some are cleaned up and sold to unsuspecting buyers who think they're getting a deal. Don't let that happen to you.

Four Wheel Steering Basics
Learn how four wheel steering can help you maneuver your pickup truck with ease.

Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i)
An definition of Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i), including its primary benefits.

What Is a Box Truck?
In 2002, the hunt for the D.C. sniper resulted in confusion about the definition of a box truck, and how those trucks differ from cargo vans. We'll explain.

Pickup Truck Reviews, Features, Options and Photos
The facts you need to begin shopping for a pickup truck that suits your wants and needs.

Keep Your Insurance in Check
Simple Tips from an Insurance Expert to Save Money on Your Truck's Policy

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