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Meet the 2014 GMC Sierra Pickup Trucks

GMC Redesigned its Sierra Pickup Truck for 2014


View from the rear - 2014 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck

View from the rear - 2014 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck


About the 2014 GMC Sierra 1500

GMC's Sierra is trying to separate itself from its corporate brother, the Chevrolet Silverado. Now, change doesn't occur overnight, so don't expect to see two completely different trucks just yet, but do take note of ways the two models vary.

In 2013, Sierra and Silverado trucks had a similar front end. Silverado's front end has changed for 2014, but its styling is no longer a 'match' for the Sierra, which now has a more contoured appearance (compare front styling of 2013 and 2014 Sierra trucks).

Changes to Sierra's front end:

  • Gone are the stacked headlamps, replaced by projector beam, single row lights.
  • The grille has been enlarged, and its three horizontal bars were replaced with a more egg-crate style trim.
  • Chrome molding at the top of the grille (black on the All-Terrain edition truck) is broader, giving the hood a more sculpted appearance.
  • Sierra's front bumper kicks up at each end to make the grille even more prominent.

2014 Sierra 1500 Truck Engines

Sierra and Silverado share the same three engine choices:

  • a 4.3 liter V6
  • a 5.3 liter V8
  • a 6.2 liter V8

All three engines are part of GM's EcoTec3 series. Aluminum blocks and heads save weight and feature direct fuel injection, variable valve timing and Active Fuel Management (AFM - a system that switches the engine to four cylinders under light load conditions). The latest version of AFM is designed to allow the truck to operate in four cylinder mode more often, increasing fuel economy. It's also been refined to make the switch-overs less noticeable.

Sierra 1500's torque, horsepower and fuel economy ratings are not yet available (How Fuel Economy Ratings Are Calculates).

2014 Sierra 1500 Truck Transmission

All Sierra 1500 pickup trucs are equipped with a six speed automatic transmission, a configuration that helps with both power and economy. A cruise grade braking feature downshifts the transmission when you are coasting downhill to help reduce brake wear.

Sierra Truck Brakes

The 2014 GMC Sierra comes standard with four wheel disc brakes, and the rotors are GM's own design. Called Duralife, the rotors are hardened and strengthened to make them last about twice as long as conventional rotors. Another plus -- the rotors are quieter than other types, with less vibration.

Sierra's Interior and Technology

Sierra's dash layout is designed for both function and convenience:

  • Control knobs are large, with rubber coating that makes them easier to operated with work gloves on, yet they still have a finished appearance.
  • Six square gauges and a 4.2 inch color information screen are located in front of the driver.
  • The center dash houses heat and air controls, along with the truck's radio.
  • Choose GM's IntelliLink connectivity for an 8-inch color touch-screen that displays icons for the audio system, a Pandora app, Bluetooth phone controls, and optional navigation with maps. Most of its features can also be controlled with voice command.

Sierra's seats can be either leather or covered with a high-wear cloth that is spill and stain resistant. Seat heaters are standard with leather... optional with cloth.

Extended Cab Doors

The rear doors on the 2014 Sierra Extended Cab are now front hinged -- previous models had doors hinged at the rear. The new configuration makes it easier to get in and out of extended cabs, especially in tight parking spots (front doors must also be open for entry and exit through older style rear doors).

Most of Sierra's features and options are also available on the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 truck, and our description of Silverado highlights offers more details about the configuration choices you'll see when you shop for a Silverado 1500 truck.

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