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2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed and Bed Accessories

Features and Options that Make the Tacoma Truck's Bed More Functional


The Toyota Tacoma's composite bed is one of the truck's most popular features. You don't need a bedliner, because the material the bed is made from is rust free and durable -- you can throw pretty much anything in the back without worrying about dents. Another plus -- Toyota offers quite a few factory accessories designed to help you organize and carry all of the things you need to haul in your truck.
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2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck's Composite BedToyota Tacoma Composite Bed2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck's Cargo DividerTacoma Truck's Cargo Divider2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck's Bed ExtenderTacoma Truck's Bed ExtenderTacoma Cargo ExtenderTacoma Cargo Extender, View 2
Tacoma Truck Cargo ExtenderTacoma Truck Cargo Extender, View 3Tacoma Truck Bed Crossbars with Yakima RackTacoma Truck Bed Crossbars with Yakima Rack2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck's Bed ToolboxTacoma Truck's Bed Toolbox2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck's Bed Rail SystemTacoma Truck's Bed Rail System
Tacoma Truck's Adjustable Tie DownTacoma Truck's Adjustable Tie DownsTacoma Truck Bed Floor Tie DownsBed Floor Tie Downs2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck Covered Storage CompartmentCovered Storage and 115 volt Outlet2006 Toyota Tacoma TruckAdditional Storage Compartment
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