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VIN Decoder

It's Easy to Find Your Truck or Car's Model Year


Beginning in 1980, all trucks, cars and other autos sold in the United States have a 17-digit serial number. The eighth digit from the right end of the sequence is the place to look when you want to identify a model year. Knowing the designation for each model year will help you verify dates when you look at used pickup trucks.

Years 1980 through 2000 are designated by a letter, beginning with A and ending with Y. The letters I, O, Q, U, and Z are not used, because they can be easily confused with either a number or another letter.

    A: 1980
    B: 1981
    C: 1982
    D: 1983
    E: 1984
    F: 1985
    G: 1986
    H: 1987
    I: not used
    J – 1988
    K: 1989
    L: 1990
    M: 1991
    N: 1992
    O: not used
    P: 1993
    Q: not used
    R: 1994
    S: 1995
    T: 1996
    U: not used
    V: 1997
    W: 1998
    X: 1999
    Y: 2000
    Z: not used

From 2001 through 2009, numbers were used to designate a vehicle's model year.

    1: 2001
    2: 2002
    3: 2003
    4: 2004
    5: 2005
    6: 2006
    7: 2007
    8 – 2008
    9: 2009

Starting in 2010, the VIN year identifier switched back to letters, since newer models aren't likely to be confused with anything built in the '80s.

    A: 2010
    B: 2011
    C: 2012
    D: 2013

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