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Dual Liner is the best bed liner I have ever owned!

Reader Reviews: Review Your Pickup Truck Bedliner

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Zach

Dual Liner is the best bed liner I have ever owned!

Dual Liner is the best bed liner I have ever owned!

Pickup Truck Bedliners

Date of purchase: 


Liner brand & type 

The Dual Liner Bed Liner for my2008 Ford F150 model # FOF0465a

How long have you owned it? 

2 years

How was it installed? 

I installed it myself when the truck was new, it took only 30 minutes. It was really easy and they sent a DVD showing an actual installation being done in the same model truck.

My Review 

I have owned the other common types of bed liners previously. Spray In Liners are a permanent installation for a product that is not. My Spray in bed liner faded quickly and did not provide much protection. Drop in bed liners slide around in the trucks box, this wears the paint off overtime. When I purchased the Dual Liner bed liner my truck was brand new, after two years of more than average wear and tear the Dual Liner still looks great and more importantly my trucks box looks like brand new. This is the only bed liner I have found that truly preserves my trucks bed and box perfectly. The Dual Liner keeps my cargo safe as well. I could not be happier.

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