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Dual Liner Bed Liner Review

Reader Reviews: Review Your Pickup Truck Bedliner

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By scarygary

Pickup Truck Bedliners

Date of purchase: 

Fall of 2007

Liner brand & type 

Dual Liner bed liner Is By Far The Best. I put it in my 2005 Siverado 2500HD.

How long have you owned it? 

About three years

How was it installed? 

I installed it my self, it took only 20 Minutes

My Review 

I have had just about every type of bed liner on the market and each one had its own drawbacks. The drop in bed liner actually wrecked my truck's box by wearing the paint off and rusting. Spray-ons are expensive and are permanent. In less than one year (in Houston elements) my bed liner no longer matched the color of my truck. I found out the hard way that I could not take it out. So I put a bed rug in right over top, it looked nice at first, that is until I used my truck to pick up some shrubs from a nursery about ten minutes from my house. When I took the bushes out I was left with a mess. I tried spraying it out with a hose and that seemed to make it worse. It took forever for it to dry out and the stains are still there. I would hate to see what would happen to it when I put my big buck back there or haul cinder blocks to the job site. The bed rug would work for somebody who doesn't use the box of their truck, I was afraid to put anything more than boxes or groceries in it because I did not want to ruin it. After the bed rug left me feeling taken advantage of, one of my contractors told me about the Dual Liner. I was cautious at first until he showed me his Dual Liner. I could see that this was a true truck bed protection system. Just from looking at the Dual Liner I could tell it was tough and it could stand up to any abuse that I would put it through. So I bought one for my truck, it fit right over top of my faded spray on and it looked great. I have had it in my truck for about three years now and still love it. It is easy to clean and I can take it out if I want to. I can see why Dual Liner has a a lifetime warranty, 3 years of use and it still looks great. I have told everybody I know about the Dual Liner and several of my buddies now own one too. The Dual Liner claims to be the only bed liner that works and I would agree.

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