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Pictures of Vintage Pickup Trucks

Find pictures of vintage pickup trucks, domestic and imported.

More About Vintage Trucks

Restored F-Series Trucks Photo Gallery

1953 - 1956 F-Series Trucks Photo Gallery
Vintage Ford trucks on display at the Supernationals in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ford F-1 Trucks Photo Gallery

Vintage Ford Trucks
Photos of Ford pickup trucks, starting with a model built in 1918.

Vintage Ford Trucks Ads
This collection of classic Ford pickup trucks advertising memorabilia gives us a look at the progression of features and options as they became available on Ford trucks throughout the years.

Vintage Holden Utes Photo Gallery

Vintage GMC Trucks Photo Gallery
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Vintage Fire Truck Gallery
A 1937 fire truck restored by the Detroit Firemen's Benevolent Fund.

1974 British Leyland Mini Pickup Truck
Take a look at a classic Mini pickup truck.

1957 Land Rover Series I - 107 Pickup
Brothers Spencer and Maurice Wilkes had an idea for a double-duty vehicle that could be used for both farming and everyday transportation. Their brainstorming resulted in the first Land Rover.

Vintage Jeep Trucks Photo Gallery
Pictures of vintage Jeep trucks, starting with 1940's models.

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