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Truck Buying - How to Buy a Pickup Truck

Buying advice to help you research pickup trucks online. Find suggestions for questions you should ask yourself and your dealer before you buy a truck.
Articles & Resources
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How To Choose the Best Truck
Not sure which truck to buy? Here's a step-by-step approach to choosing a pickup truck. Find a truck that will do the job you need it to do, fits your budget, and has the type of styling you're looking for.
Pickup Truck Box and Bed Styles
Ever wonder what pickup truck box style terms mean? What's the difference between a flairside and a stepside? And what about a styleside? Here's a visual to help you understand the differences between pickup truck boxes and bed styles.
Pictures of Pickup Truck Cab Styles
Here's a collection of truck photos to help you visualize the many body styles you'll see when you shop for a pickup truck. These truck body pictures help you choose a cab style that suits your needs.
Pickup Truck Body Styles Explained
Are you shopping for a pickup truck—and getting confused by some of the terminology that describes different body styles? King cab, crew cab, extended cab and all the rest. Here are some details to help you sort out the terms.
Top Crew Cab Pickup Trucks
Crew cab pickup trucks offer the perfect blend--a true truck bed for hauling cargo and full second row seating for your passengers. Automakers have revved up production to accommodate the increasing number of buyers for this versatile body style. Here's a selection of crew cab trucks in varying price ranges and from different manufacturers.
Top No Frills, Economy Pickup Trucks
Take a look at this information about the least expensive pickup trucks if you need a no-frills truck for basic hauling and getting around.
Truck Load Capacity Facts
This guide to pickup truck load capacities helps you determine the types of items your truck is capable of hauling.
2004 Pickup Truck Fuel Economy Ratings
With gas prices moving nowhere but up, this best to worst comparison of EPA fuel economy ratings for 2004 2WD trucks helps you select a pickup truck that won't flatten your wallet every time you go to the pumps. Compare trucks by size category and see how they rank fuel-wise.
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