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BOLT Locks Review


BOLT series replacement locks help simplify your life (and lighten the load) by eliminating some of the keys on your keychain. BOLT's design is one of those ideas we all wish we'd come up with -- a series of locks that are easily converted to work with your truck key. The locks are available as padlocks, cable locks, trailer hitch pin locks and as locking handles for some truck bed tool boxes.

How BOLT Locks Work

So what'so special about the BOLT? To set up each lock, you'll simply remove its protector tab, insert the key to your truck, give it turn until it stops, and then turn the key back in the opposite direction. Finished... the lock now works with your truck key -- it really is that simple to set up.

How Can BOLT Locks Help?

BOLT Lock Review
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I drove from one U.S. coast to the other recently, pulling my trailer, and the truck and trailer were both loaded. The trailer tongue latch was locked, and so was the hitch pin. A cable lock kept my bicycle secure.

That's four keys I had to fool with during the trip (when you include the truck key). Fumbling to find the right key in 9-degree weather (with gloves on) wasn't much fun. With the BOLT setup, I could have secured everything in the same way, with only the truck's ignition key needed for access.

BOLT Lock Variations

BOLT Lock Review
Use your truck key for all locks.
Bolt locks are currently available to match Ford, Chrysler and GM products, but will soon be available for Nissan and Toyota vehicles. The locks carry a limited lifetime warranty and a made to be strong and secure.

BOLT locks are available to replace 1/2" and 5/8" receiver locks, trailer spare tire locks, 6' cable locks, padlocks and some toolbox handles.

For more information about BOLT locks, read browse the company's web site, www.boltlock.com.

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