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Prolong Super Lubricant Protectant, Before and After


What is Prolong's Super Protectant?
Prolong's Super Protectant Review

Before and After Using the Super Protectant

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Since the 1990s, Prolong has been well known for its anti-friction metal treatments, a wide range of formulas which are used to lubricate and protect all types of equipment, from industrial machinery to auto engines. More recently, Prolong expanded its product line to include additional formulas. One, called Super Protectant, cleans leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber and helps keep those surfaces looking like new.

Prolong sent me a bottle of Super Lubricant, and its arrival was perfectly timed to test on a late sixties E-Type Jaguar that had been stored in a garage for about twenty years. Take a close look at the before and after shot of the passenger seat in the image above, and click the photo to zoom in for an expanded view. The Jag's seats and dash pad were dry, dirty and dull from sitting all those years, but luckily they were in pretty good shape -- not torn or eaten by mice.

Cleaning the Leather Seats and Dash

  • I sprayed a soft cloth with Super Protectant and used it to scrub the car's seats and dash, turning the cloth frequently to work with a clean surface.
  • The leather seats soaked up a fair amount of protectant, but after about an hour the upholstery was clean and its color had returned.

You'll find a pretty wide selection of cleaners and protectants when you shop for auto maintenance chemicals. Some are better at cleaning and others work best as protectants. Several brands leave surfaces slick and shiny, and I'm not a big fan of that look (in part because I don't like sliding around in the seat when I turn a corner).

Prolong's protectant is dual-duty, because it can provide different finishes depending on how long you work with the product. After the surface is clean, apply a liberal coat of protectant and wipe lightly for a shiny surface or continue rubbing to dull it down, but still keep the surface looking sharp.

I used about 1/4th of a 17 ounce bottle to clean the two seats and the car's dash -- you'll need less for upholstery that's in better condition. At an average of about $10 per bottle, the protectant is worth trying on materials that could use a little restoration. Compare Prices of Super Protectant). It will take a little more time to determine how long-lasting a single application holds up, but the protectant worked well, was easy to use and the results on the aged seats were much better than expected.

I'm anxious to try another of the company's product, a waterless car wash. Watch for that review soon.

For more information about Super Protectant and the company's other products, visit Prolong's website.

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