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A Look Back at Ford Trucks Featured in Ford Advertising


In 2008, Ford released this collection of its advertising memorabilia to coincide with the 60th Anniversary of its popular F-Series pickup truck.

It's interesting to see what was regarded as innovative and comfortable fifty years ago -- most of those trucks wouldn't even be considered bare bones today, they'd be a lot lower on the food chain. But we still renovate the trucks, some to their original condition and some with more of the creature comforts we've all come to expect in our automobiles.

Looking back, it's easy tosee that every generation of pickup trucks brought us a little closer to today's feature-packed lineups.

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Ford 1911 Model T LineupFord's 1911 Model T Lineup1948 Ford Truck Ad1948 Ford Truck Ad - "Bonus Built ... Built Stronger to Last Longer"1948 ford truck ad1948 Ford Truck Ad - "Six Years of Newness Packed Into One"1951 Ford Truck Ad1951 Ford Trucks - "My Truck Runs for only 2-1/2 Cents a Mile"
1953 Ford Truck Ad1953 Ford Truck Ad - "Ford Economy Trucks - Save Time, Save Money, Last Longer"1957 Ford Truck Ad1957 Ford Truck Ad - "Ford Trucks Cost Less"1959 Ford Truck Ad1959 Ford Trucks - "Go Ford-Ward for Savings and Style"1965 Ford Truck Ad1965 Ford Truck "Two Independent Front Axles Share the Shocks, Smooth the Road"
1975 Ford Truck Ad1975 Ford Truck Ad - "Introducing Two New '75 Fords"1975 Ford Truck Press Release1975 Ford Truck Press Release Announcing New F-150 Truck1975 Ford Truck LiteratureBrochure for 1975 Ford Pickup Trucks
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