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How to Clean Clouded Headlights


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Headlight Cleaning Options
Headlight Cleaner Review

Fogged Headlights Before Cleaning and Polishing

Photo © Dale Wickell
A couple of years ago, I tested an MD Wholesale product that's designed to clean yellowed, cloudy headlights. It did a pretty good job, and at the time was one of just a few lamp cleaners on the market. Since then, other companies have recognized the need for headlamp cleaning products and developed their own products.

The headlamps on my daughter's VW had become very clouded, as the photo above illustrates, and were way overdue for a cleanup. The lamps were a perfect opportunity to test Mothers Powerball Headlight Restoration Kit (Compare Prices).

Mothers has manufactured products to help drivers clean and revive faded paint for a number of years. More recently, the company introduced sponge balls that attach to a drill for polishing those hard-to-access spots like wheels, painted body areas and headlamps.

Inside the headlamp restoration kit box you'll find a bottle of cleaner, a polishing cloth, a polishing ball that mounts to a drill and a packet with two sanding pads. You'll need to add a variable speed drill (cordless is most handy) plus painter's tape, a cup of water (if headlamps are severely clouded) and a little time and elbow grease.

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