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Military Trucks - Facts and Photos, Vintage and Contemporary Trucks

This virtual library offers helpful facts and photos about vintage and contemporary military trucks.

GM Presents Fuel-Efficient Military Truck
GM introduced a hybrid military truck they hope is destined to enter the Army's fleet of light tactical vehicles.

Chart of Light Trucks
A handy table of military trucks showing photos and giving basic descriptions of each. Provided by Olive Drabb.

David Castle's Army Kitchen Truck
Follow the search and restoration of David Castle's M211 2-1/2-ton truck.

GMA Cover Corp.
This company makes camouflage patterned covers, including fitted, patterned covers for tactical wheeled vehicles, patterned soft wall shelter systems, and camouflage screens.

Military Trucks USA
Photos and annotations of military trucks in use from 1948 to 1993.

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association is an international organization for military vehicle enthusiasts, historians, preservationists and collectors. The organization offers many services to its members.

Olive Drabb - HMMWV
Olive Drabb provides a great deal of information about the HMMWV, the military Hummer.

Oshkosh Truck
Oshkosh Truck is a manufacturer of specialty trucks and truck bodies, including trucks used in military defense.

Surplus City Jeep Parts
Surplus City Jeep Parts sells parts and accessories, including parts and service manuals, for all military jeeps, trucks, and M-274 Mules. Civilian jeep parts, too.

Tactical Truck
Tactical Truck offers military vehicles and set dressing for the movie, television and film industries. Try the Vehicles link to take a look at photos from their inventory of military vehicles.

White Owl Parts
White Owl offers parts for all types of military vehicles. They also sell military vehicles.

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