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2013 Pickup Truck Specifications

Compare Specs for 2013 Pickup Trucks


The number of pickup truck models available in the United States has declined in the past few years, mostly because manufacturers have eliminated their small trucks in favor of offering an expanded selection of full size models.

One small truck, the Suzuki Equator, disappeared when Suzuki declared bankruptcy and withdrew its autos from the U.S. market. The Equator never truly caught on, and was essentially a re-badged Nissan Frontier, which is still available for 2013.

Below, you'll find tables with related specifications for 2013 pickup trucks. The specs will hopefully offer a quick look at what's available on each truck for 2013, and allow you to make quick comparisons. Keep in mind that the tables are starting points -- many trucks can be configured in numerous ways, and not every feature can be combined with another.

The first table takes a look at engine and transmission choices for 2013 trucks.

2013 Trucks Cab Types Bed Sizes
Chevy Silverado
& GMC Sierra 1500
Regular Cab
Crew Cab
5' 8"
6' 6"
Honda Ridgeline 4 Door 5'
Ram 1500 Regular Cab
Quad Cab
Crew Cab
5' 7"
6' 4"
Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab
Access Cab
Double Cab
5' 3"
6'' 1.5"
Toyota Tundra Regular Cab
Double Cab
Crew Max
5' 6.7"
6' 6.7"
8' 1.6"
Ford F-150 Regular Cab
5' 6"
6' 6"
Nissan Titan King Cab
Crew Cab
5' 7.3"
6' 7.1"
7' 3"
Nissan Frontier Waiting for Specs

A comparison of engine and transmission choices for 2013 pickup trucks. Both choices are often dependent on a truck's overall configuration.

2013 Trucks Engine Choices Transmissions
Chevy Silverado
& GMC Sierra 1500
4.3L V-6
4.8L V-8
5.3L V-8 Flex Fuel
6.2L V-8 Flex Fuel
4-Speed Automatic
6-Speed Automatic
CVT (Hybrid)
Honda Ridgeline 3.5L V-6 5-Speed Automatic
Ram 1500 3.6L V-6 E85
4.7L V-8 E85
5.7L V-8 E85
6-Speed Automatic
(std. 4.5L & 5.7L)
8-Speed Automatic
(std. 3.6L, opt. 5.7L)
Toyota Tacoma 2.7L 4-cylinder
4.0L V-6
5-Speed Manual (4-cyl)
4-Speed Automatic (4-cyl)
6-Speed Manual (V-6)
5-Speed Automatic (V-6)
Toyota Tundra 4.0L V-6
4.6L V-8
5.7L V-8
5-Speed Automatic (V-6)
6-Speed Automatic (both V-8s)
Ford F-150 3.5L V-6 EcoBoost
3.7L V-6
5.0L V-8
6.2L V-8
6-Speed Automatic
Nissan Titan 5.6L V-8 5-Speed Automatic
Nissan Frontier Waiting for Specs Waiting for Specs

Compare fuel economy ratings and towing capacity for 2013 pickup trucks. Numbers vary in both categories, depending on a truck's configuration.

2013 Trucks MPG Estimates Towing Capacity
Chevy Silverado
& GMC Sierra 1500
City: 12 - 20
Highway: 18 - 23
Depending on engine,
cab, 2WD or 4WD
8,900 - 10,600 lbs.
Depending on configuration
Honda Ridgeline City: 15
Highway: 21
5,000 lbs.
Ram 1500 City: 14-18
Highway: 19-25
V-6 2WD
4,550 - 10,450
Depending on configuration
Toyota Tacoma City: 16-21
Highway: 19-25
Variances with
3,500 - 6,500
Depending on configuration
Toyota Tundra City: 13-16
Highway: 17-20
Variances with
9,000 - 10,400
Depending on configuration
Ford F-150 City: 13-17
Highway: 16-23
Variances with
5,500 - 11,300
Depending on configuration
Nissan Titan City: 12-13
Highway: 17-18
Variances with
7,300 - 9,500
Depending on configuration
Nissan Frontier 2012
City: 14-17
Highway: 19-23
Variances with
Waiting for Specs

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