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Leasing a Truck

Advertised monthly payments for vehicles leases can be tempting, because they're usually lower than what you'll pay per-month to buy a vehicle. Is a lease right for you? Get the facts about leasing before you sign on the dotted line.

A Consumer Guide to Vehicle Leasing
This is great information from the Federal Reserve Board. Read side-by-side explanations of the differences between buying and leasing. Learn your rights and responsibilities. Understand costs. This is worth a read.

Auto Lease Contracts
An excellent reference to help you learn how to decipher a vehicle lease contract.

Guide to Leasing - Who Should Lease?
Read this question and answer session from LeaseGuide.com. Too many "yes" answers might mean leasing is not the best solution for your needs.

Lease Calculator
LeaseGuide.com's calculator analyzes your lease deal. Its interview format is simple to use. Very helpful.

What is Leasing?
Learn what leasing is -- and what it is not. This article discusses some of the misconceptions consumers have about leasing a vehicle.

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