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CNN Warrior One HUMMER H1

Pictures of Warrior One Before and After its Overhaulin' Customization


CNN's Warrior One is a HUMMER used by the network during its Iraq war coverage. After its return to the US, CNN sent the SUV to TLC's Overhaulin' to get it ready for the 2007 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Arizona.

I saw Warrior One at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and although these photos from CNN are excellent, I doubt any photos can convey the outstanding airbrush work that Overhaulin' applied to the body. Every image you see on the vehicle appears to reflect the CNN crew's memories of their experiences in Iraq.

The H1 brought a total of $1.25 million -- $250K of that from the losing bidder. Proceeds go to the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that builds housing near military hospitals to help families of military patients.

Dave Liniger, the founder of ReMax, was the high bidder. He's a Vietnam vet who recently established an organization to help disabled soldiers. Dave Ressler threw in the extra $250K -- auction watchers might know him as the Corvette guy.

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warrior oneWarrior One Sidewarrior oneWarrior One Rearwarrior oneWarrior One Interiorwarrior oneWarrior One on the Auction Block
warrior oneWarrior One on Display in Atlantawarrior oneWarrior One Before its Overhaulin' Customizationwarrior oneWarrior One in Iraq
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