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Pictures of the Jeep JT Truck

Jeep JT Concept Truck Photo Gallery


Thanks to Aaron Gold, our About.com Cars Guide, for these pics of the Jeep JT concept truck. Aaron had a chance to drive the JT at a preview event

The JT is the second concept truck Jeep's shown us in the past few years -- remember the Gladiator truck introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in 2005? Two concepts back-to-back makes us all wonder if a new Jeep truck is finally on the horizon.

The Jeep JT is based on the Wrangler Unlimited, but some of its parts were borrowed from a vehicle that Jeep builds for the Egyptian government. The hood is from an aftermarket supplier, and word is that some parts of the cab came from a company that does pickup truck conversions for Wranglers.

Jeep Gladiator

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jeep jt, jeep truckFront & Side View of the Jeep JT Truckjeep jt, jeep truckAnother Look at the JT Truck's Front & Sidejeep jt, jeep truckRear and Side Shot of the Jeep JT Concept Truckjeep jt, jeep truckJeep JT Truck's Side Opening Tailgate
jeep jt, jeep truckFull Rear View of the Jeep JT Truckjeep jt, jeep truckFront Winch on the Jeep JT Truckjeep jt, jeep truckShot of the Jeep JT's Hoodjeep jt, jeep truckInterior View of the Jeep JT Truck
jeep jt, jeep truckJeep JT Interior from Another Anglejeep jt, jeep truckJeep JT Truck - Decal Badging
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