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Books About Classic Pickup Trucks

Classic Trucks Books We Like


The pickup truck books in this collection are all excellent "gallery" books. By that I mean that each has a strong visual appeal, with lots of photos of pickup trucks. You'll find plenty of historical facts and interesting stories within their pages, but don't expect the books to give you the nitty-gritty details for a truck restoration. That's not their purpose.

1. The American Pickup Truck


Author Mike Mueller gives us an up-close look at American pickup trucks, from the Model T and other classics to vehicles popular today. He's compiled an excellent set of photos -- many from archives most of us have never seen. Everyday trucks, rare models, lowriders, monsters--there's a little bit of everything here. An excellent book for anyone who wants details about vintage and newer pickups.

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2. Ford Pickup Color History

tonka trucks Guide

This book is a good choice for anyone whose looking for a pictorial history of Ford trucks. It's not just photos though, the book does include details that will help you learn the differences between specific models and different model years. Lots of great restoration photos make the book even more helpful. By Tom Brownell with contributions by Mike Mueller.

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3. Chevrolet Pickup Color History

Try this if you're looking for an excellent color pictorial of Chevy trucks. The book covers a great number of Chevy and GMC trucks from the teens to early 9's, focusing mostly on the earlier pickups, and offers solid general information about each truck featured. By Tom Brownell and Mike Mueller.

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4. Pickup Trucks: A History of the Great American Vehicle

I know I said these were all gallery books, but this one falls into multiple categories. Yes, it has excellent photo galleries, but it's also an in-depth text of pickup truck facts and history. There are so many details packed into this text that I can't begin to explain them in the short space I'm allowed here. It's a "must have" for anyone seriously into pickup trucks. By Justin Lukach.

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5. The Hemmings Book of Pickup Trucks

The Hemmings Book of Pickup Trucks covers many classic and modern working class, light-duty pickup trucks, including Chevy, Ford, GMC, Studebaker, Dodge, Hudson and others. You'll find drive reports, comparisons, specs and illustrations. Most of the photos are in black and white, but there's an eight-page color gallery. It's a good blend of photos and facts.
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