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About the 1974 British Leyland Mini Pickup Truck


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Importing a British Leyland Mini Pickup Truck
Classic British Leyland Mini Pickup Truck

1974 British Leyland Mini Pickup Truck

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1974 Mini Truck

My friend Jim Unrath likes classic cars. He's had several vintage cars over the years, but awhile back he was looking for something a little more unusual than what's normally for sale in the U.S.

Tony, a mutual friend of ours, is from England. His family is still there and his dad likes to buy and sell cars and trucks. Tony mentioned to Jim that his dad had a 1974 British Leyland Mini pickup truck for sale.

A high percentage of these classic Mini trucks were originally purchased by utility and light courier companies, people who needed economical transportation along with a little bit of cargo room to carry tools and supplies.

The truck sounded perfect to Jim, so he asked Tony's dad to email him a set of pictures along with information about the truck. He liked what he saw and bought it, then started the process of importing it to the United States.

Jim had to jump a few hurdles to get the Mini truck here, but before too long it arrived at the port in Charleston, SC, and he headed out to pick it up.

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