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Classic Chevy Trucks: 1918 - 1959


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1930 Chevy Pickup Truck
1930 Chevy Pickup Truck

1930 Chevy Pickup Truck

© Chevrolet
Chevy's inline six-cylinder engine, an overhead valve design, came onto the scene in 1928 and was used in cars and trucks for several decades.

In 1930, Chevy bought the Martin-Parry body company and began to replace its simple cowl chassis trucks with steel bodied half ton pickups already equipped with a factory-installed bed. The trucks were available with either a roadster body, shown above, or a closed body, like the panel truck on the next page.

Roadsters of 1930 had a completely different look than the Chevy SSR Roadster, a truck that lasted only a couple of years this century.

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