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Classic Chevy Trucks: 1918 - 1959


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1918 Chevrolet Four-Ninety Half Ton Truck
1918 Chevrolet Four-Ninety Half Ton Truck

1918 Chevrolet Four-Ninety Half Ton Truck

© Chevrolet
Chevrolet's historians believe that the company may have built a small number of Four-Ninety trucks for its own use in 1916, and records show that some of the trucks were converted to ambulances and shipped to France.

The first truck produced for individual buyers was built in Flint, Michigan, in November of 1918, and it left the factory in December. Chevy introduced two four-cylinder trucks for the 1918 model year, both cowl chassis designs that were only outfitted with sheet metal on the front. Truck buyers of that era typically added a wooden cab and cargo box or a panel van body, whichever style best suited their needs.

  • The half ton Light Delivery cowl chassis was actually a Chevy Four Ninety car without its body, but with beefed-up rear springs. The truck was priced at $595.
  • A one ton truck, called the Model T, for 'truck,' was priced at $1,125, again without a body. Although it was based on the FA-series car, the pickup was built on a truck frame and was both longer and stronger than the half ton truck. A 37 hp engine boosted the truck's power and load capacity, but a governor kept its top speed at 25 miles per hour.

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