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Pictures of Vintage Jeeps

Classic Jeep Photos and a Little Jeep History


In June of 1940, the US Army began looking for a "light reconnaissance vehicle" to replace its motorcycles and Model-T trucks. One-hundred-thirty-five manufacturers were invited to bid on production of a vehicle with these specs:

  • 600 lb. load capacity
  • wheelbase under 75 inches
  • height under 36 inches
  • smooth-running engine from 3 to 50 mph
  • rectangular body
  • two-speed transfer case with four-wheel-drive
  • fold-down windshield
  • three bucket seats
  • blackout and driving lights
  • gross vehicle weight under 1,300 lbs.

Willys-Overland, American Bantam Car Manufacturing Company and Ford Motor Company entered the competition and delivered prototypes to the Army in record time. The Willys Jeeps in this gallery are the long-term result of that first delivery.

Vintage Jeep Trucks
Civilian Jeep History

The information in this gallery was supplied by Jeep. If you disagree with their dates or other info, let me know.

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1940 Willys Quad1940 Willys Quad1941 Willys MA1941 Willys MA1942 Willys MB1942 Willys MBvintage jeeps1942 Jeep CJ-2A
1945 Jeep CJ-2A1945 Jeep CJ-2A1948 Jeep Jeepster1948 Jeep Jeepster1949 Willys Wagon1949 Willys Wagon1953 Jeep CJ-3B1953 Jeep CJ-3B
1955 Jeep CJ-51955 Jeep CJ-51959 Jeep CJ-61959 Jeep CJ-61963 Jeep Wagoneer1963 Jeep Wagoneer1966 Jeep CJ-51966 Jeep CJ-5
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