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Ford F-Series Truck History, 1948 - 1952

Ford Designs a Brand New Truck for the Post-War Era


Ford F-1 Pickup Truck

Ford F-1 Pickup Truck

Photo © Dale Wickell

First Generation F-Series Trucks: 1948-1952

The year was 1948. World War II was over and people were beginning to get back into their normal routines when Ford introduced its first truly new pickup since the war began.

Advertised as a Bonus Built truck, it was named F-1 -- the first Ford truck to wear the F designation. Buyers could choose from one of three new engines, all with more power than Ford's previous pickups, plus the promise of better fuel economy.

Drivers sat in what Ford called a Million Dollar cab, resting on more comfortable seating than had been available in the past. Ford's expanded, one-piece windshield offered an unobstructed view.

Ford added its Level Action cab suspension, and built the pickups on a stronger chassis to hold up to the strenuous jobs a a work truck was expected to handle.

1951 Changes

In 1951, trucks came off the assembly line wearing a new front-end design, and with two new trim levels. The rear window was expanded for better visibility out the back.

1952 Changes

Ford introduced its first truck overhead valve (OHV) engine in 1952, a 215 cubic inch 6-cylinder.

The next generation of F-Series trucks brought changes to comfort, utility and safety.

F-Series First Generation Photos

F-Series Trucks History

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