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Smart For-Us Electric Truck


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Meet the Smart For-Us Electric Concept Truck
Smart for-us Truck Introduction

Smart for-us Truck Introduction at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan

When we hear the words 'pickup truck,' I think most of us envision the big workhorses in manufacturer lineups, but Smart cars took a completely different approach (and threw in a little tongue-in-cheek humor) when it designed the Smart For-Us electric concept truck.

Smart For-Us is just slightly larger than the automaker's tiny cars, with the extra space used to create a cargo bed that measures about 3x3 feet. Powered by a 55-kilowatt electric motor, the little guy has an estimated top speed of about 80 miles per hour. We don't have specs about the truck's payload rating, but it does have a bed plug-in that's suitable for charging and hauling two of Smart's ebikes.

For-Us is generating quite a few comments around the Web, some of them negative, and that's surprising. After all, it's a concept, and not a truck that we'd expect to see on a showroom floor, at least not in its current configuration. Manufacturers have developed wild concepts in the past -- remember the Jeep Hurricane, a Hemi-powered vehicle that sits and spins in a circle, and the Suzuki X-HEAD, a truck that could be outfitted for three very different uses?

But who knows, maybe there's a market for a small car with a bit of truck thrown in. I have to wonder if Ferdinand Porsche didn't hear some negative comments when he designed the Volkswagen Beetle -- the auto industry's history is full of successes that were initially regarded as oddball ideas.

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