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Auto Detailing Tips

Easy Ways to Detail Your Truck


Special products come in handy when it's time to detail your truck, but you probably already own most of the supplies you need to do the job.

Cleaning where the dash meets the windshield. Wrap a thin rag or sturdy paper towel around a paint stirring stick. Wet the wrapped rag with cleaner and wipe the area.

Clean wax from the edge of moldings, emblems and trim with a soft-bristle toothbrush or a 1-inch wide paintbrush with bristles trimmed back to about 3/4-inch.

Use cotton swabs to clean dash vents, console grooves and other small areas where dirt accumulates.

Keep windows streak-free by wiping cleaner off with newspaper or brown paper towels -- like the towels you see in bathroom dispensers.

To apply tire dressing, put a small amount on a terrycloth towel for application, rather than using a sprayer. The towel provides a more even coat and you'll avoid spraying it on the wheels.

A bottle brush or wheel cleaning brush helps you get into crevices of alloy wheels. Choose a cleaner made especially for alloy wheels.

Spiff up leather seats with a product made for leather and follow the manufacturer's instructions for application.

You can't usually spot-clean a cloth seat. Work on the entire section of seat where the stain is located, otherwise you'll end up with a larger (but clean) spot that's just as apparent as the stain.

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