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2012 Toyota Tacoma Baja Pickup Truck

Meet the 2012 Toyota Tacoma T/X Baja Series Pickup Truck


2012 Toyota Tacoma Baha Pickup Truck

2012 Toyota Tacoma Baha Pickup Truck

Photo of Toyota Tacoma Baja Truck © Toyota
In September of 2011, Toyota rolled out a pre-production version of its Tacoma T/X Baja truck at the 2011 Texas State Fair in Dallas, giving Texans a first look at the pickup truck that will be built at the automaker's San Antonio plant in 2012. The new Tacoma truck is a limited edition model that was designed to reflect Toyota's long time involvement with the Baja 1000 Off-Road Race.

Toyota has been involved with off-road racing for nearly 30 years, and during that time has offered several different versions of the Tacoma PreRunner, TRD Off Road Package and other models and trim that illustrate a tie-in between its street vehicles and racing trucks. TRD (Toyota Racing Development) is a branch of the company that originates much of Toyota's racing support, and its team was heavily involved with developing the T/X Baja Series pickup.

A few Tacoma T/X Baja Features

The Toyota T/X Baja Series Tacoma isn't just about new wheels and decals, because the truck's suspension has been upgraded to provide greater off-road capabilities.

  • The pickup's front suspension was raised 1 1/2 inches to improve ground clearance. Bilstein race shocks, along with TRD springs, allow an additional 1-inch of suspension travel.
  • In the back, Bilstein race shocks with remote reservoir help increase wheel travel by 1-1/2 inches. Remote reservoir shocks reduce heat build-up from the constant and rapid action that shocks endure in off-road situations.

A special wheel and tire package is installed on the Baja Tacoma -- gun-metal gray bead-lock style off road wheels are wrapped with B.F.Goodrich T/A KO tires. You'll see special Baja Graphics on the truck's exterior.

Tacoma Baja pickup trucks will be outfitted with an electronically controlled locking rear differential, Active Traction Control, Hill Start Assist and Downhill Assist, all features that provide extra control during off-roading treks, but are just as useful in everyday driving. The T/X package will also include a TRD Cat-back exhaust system that improves both performance and sound.

The Baja truck has a new steering wheel, a new instrument panel and a redesigned center stack. Toyota's new Entune multimedia system will be available on 2012 Tacoma trucks -- easy-to-use hands-free operation of your smartphone is one of Entune's capabilities.

Potential Tacoma Baja Configurations

Toyota plans to offer the T/X Baja package on Tacoma Access Cab and Double Cab 4X4 trucks that are equipped with the TRD Off Road Package. The automaker may expand the line-up to include the Tacoma PreRunner, but will more than likely wait to see if there's enough interest before opening up more Tacomas to the Baja option.

Watch for the Tacoma Baja T/X series to be built during a two-month period in the late spring of 2012, and talk with your dealer early if the model sounds interesting to you, since supplies will probably be limited. Toyota plans to keep the pickup's price in the mid thirty-thousand dollar range, but prices will vary depending on each truck's final configuration.

Other 2012 Tacoma pickup trucks will range in price from $16,875 for a basic 2X2 truck with a 4-cylinder engine and 5-speed manual transmission to $27,835 for a 4X4 Double Cab equipped with a V6 engine and 5-speed transmission. As with nearly all pickup trucks, you'll find numerous configurations and price options between those two models.

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