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2008 Ford Pickup Truck Lineup

Pictures, Facts and Opinions - 2008 Ford Pickup Trucks


Ford full-size F-150 and compact Ranger pickup trucks are both available in a wide range of models, from bare bones to loaded. You won't have as many choices with Explorer Sport Trac, but it's a niche truck -- similar in utility to an SUV, but with a truck bed. If you're a Ford truck fan, you should be able to find something you like.

2008 Ford F-Series Pickup Trucks

2008 Ford King Ranch Truck
© Dale Wickell
Ford trucks are all-time favorites, from the full-size F-150 to the even beefier Super Duty. Devise just about any truck configuration you can think of -- there's probably an F-Series truck to match it. You can order a fairly basic F-Series truck, or go with a more luxurious version, like the King Ranch. Harley-Davidson fans can celebrate Ford and Harley's 105th anniversaries with a brand new supercharged Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 truck.

Ford Ranger Pickup Trucks

ford ranger
© Ford Motor Co.
The smaller Ford Ranger truck is ranked best in its class when it comes to fuel economy ratings. Like its larger F-150 brother, it comes in loads of configurations, including a very basic truck without many creature comforts if that's what you need. If you want something sportier, with plenty of features, take at look at the FX4 Rangers

2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

explorer sport trac
© Ford Motor Co.
Think of the Explorer Sport Trac as a cross between an F-150 truck and an Explorer SUV. You'll find several new features on the 2008 model, including Ford's Sync hands-free communications and entertainment system, and new safety features and options.

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