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Ford's Fuel Saving Ecoboost Engines


Ford's EcoBoost Engine Technology
EcoBoost Engine

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 during testing on the Ford dynamometer.

Ford Motor Co.
Hybrids and electrics might be the way of the future, and although availability increases every year, manufacturers cannot offer those technologies on a huge scale just yet. Ford's EcoBoost system is an efficient alternative, and its roots are based on current technology, which equates to lower development costs and a quick introduction to the automotive market.

How do EcoBoost Engines Work?

Conventional vs. EcoBoost Fuel Injection

In a conventional fuel injected gasoline system, injectors spray fuel into intake manifold ports, where the fuel becomes mixed with air. But there's a downside to this delivery -- some of the fuel isn't atomized as it enters the cylinders, resulting in an incomplete burn that wastes fuel and exits the system as unwanted emissions.

EcoBoost's injectors transport fuel directly into the cylinders, a precise pathway that provides a more complete burn. The results: improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions and less chance of spark knock.

The "boost" in the system is a turbocharger. Exhaust gas spins a turbine on one end of the turbocharger's shaft. The other end of the shaft is connected to a turbine that's located in the air intake, spinning to force a high volume of air into the engine (an action that's similar to increasing engine size).

Ford says that EcoBoost delivers a 20-percent increase in fuel economy and up to 15-percent lower emissions.

The system is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission that's specifically designed to handle an increase in power and torque, while providing smooth, positive shifting. Higher gearing promotes fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

The 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine offers the horsepower and torque of a V-6 with the fuel economy and emissions of the 4-cylinder. Ditto for the V-6 EcoBoost -- horsepower, torque, fuel economy and emissions equate to a conventional V-8.

EcoBoost became available on 2010 F-Series trucks.

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