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2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty King Ranch Truck - Photo Gallery

Pictures of the 2008 King Ranch, a Luxury Version of Ford's Popular Truck


Finally! I wonder if that's what Ford is thinking. They spent loads of time developing the next generation Super Duty, and when production finally got underway they had issues with the diesel engine supplier. The two companies eventually worked out their differences to get Super Duty production back on track.

Was it worth the wait? In my opinion, absolutely. The vehicle I drove was an F-250 King Ranch pickup truck. Its twin turbo diesel engine behaves well at slow speeds in low range 4WD, but is equally at home at 70 mph on the highway. The transmission has a good feel, steering is responsive, and while the Ford Super Duty is a heavy duty truck with stiff suspension, it actually rides pretty well.

The King Ranch version of the Super Duty pickup truck was equipped with plenty of options and included that model's signature leather trim and badging.

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2008 ford super duty truckFront View of the 2008 Super Duty King Ranch Truckford diesel trucksFull Front View of the 2008 Ford Super Duty King Ranch2008 King Ranch TruckFront & Side View of the 2008 King Ranch2008 Ford TrucksSide View of the 2008 Super Duty King Ranch Pickup Truck
2008 Ford King Ranch Super Duty Truck2008 King Ranch Pickup Truck Bed2008 Ford Super Duty TruckRear and Side View of the 2008 Super Duty King Ranch Truck2008 Ford Trucks2008 Super Duty King Ranch Truck - Wheel & Tire2008 King Ranch TrucksKing Ranch Pickup Truck Front Fender
2008 Ford F-Series King Ranch TruckSuper Duty Rear Step and Grab Handle2008 Ford TrucksKing Ranch Grab Handle and Bed Stepford super duty truck2008 King Ranch Stowable Bed Extenderking ranch truckSuper Duty King Ranch Stowable Bed Extender Positioned Inward
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