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2007 Chevy Avalanche FAQ

About the 2007 Chevy Avalanche


2007 Chevy Avalanche FAQ

2007 Chevy Avalanche 4WD

Dale Wickell
The Chevy Avalanche can carry six passengers in its two rows of seating. Remove a panel (called a midgate) behind the Avalanche's rear seats and flip the seat backs forward when you need to haul longer cargo. Part truck -- part SUV, the Avalanche has a lot to offer if you need a little of each.

How long is the Avalanche cargo bed?

The Avalanche's bed length measures 63.3 inches when the midgate is closed. You'll have about 100 inches of bed length behind the front seats when the midgate is open.

What about the truck's payload capacity and towing abilities?

The 2WD Avalanche can carry 1,322 pounds. The 4WD version is rated slightly higher, with a payload capacity of 1,355 pounds. The 2WD trucks can tow a maximum of 8,000 pounds. The 4WD is rated to tow a max of 7,800 pounds.

What's the Avalanche's minimum ground clearance?

The 2WD and 4WD Chevy Avalanche trucks both have a minimum ground clearance of 9.1 inches.

Are side air bags available in the 2007 Avalanche?

Roof-mounted head curtain side air bags are optional. They are monitored by rollover indication sensors. If the sensors detect a rollover, the air bags inflate and stay inflated longer than typical side air bags -- because vehicles can take awhile to stop during a rollover.

Is GM's OnStar system available on the 2007 Avalanche?

OnStar is standard on the Avalanche and includes a one-year subscription to the Safe and Sound service plan.

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