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2005 Infiniti FX45 Test Drive

By Philip Powell

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Introduction to the 2005 Infiniti FX45
2005 Infiniti FX45

2005 Infiniti FX45

(c) Philip Powell
Defined by its creators as a "performance crossover SUV," the Infiniti FX45 goes up against such performance bruisers as the Porsche Cayenne and BMW's X5, but does it with more style... of the flamboyant, look-at-me type, I should add. Unchanged heading into 2006, the FX45 features a 310 hp V-8, 5-speed automatic, all-independent suspension, all-wheel-drive, and a lane departure warning system. All this will cost you $45,000. Warranty: 48mo./60,000 mi., 72mo./70,000 mi. powertrain.

First Look at the FX45

By the time I returned the Infiniti FX45 after a week of testing around Toronto, I was referring to it as "the Monster from Mars." A summation of my reaction to the styling and technology, both of which suffer from overkill. But hold on a moment... who buys these things? Upwardly mobile young executives that loved playing with toys when they were boys (sorry, ladies, none of the women I showed it to cared much for the FX45).

Those boys are now men, however their taste in toys is little changed and this Infiniti allows them to be King of the Sandpile. And with all-wheel-drive, huge tires and gobs of V-8 power it can challenge the hills, valleys and grit of any sandpile with ease.

Believe me, I did not know this before crawling onto the plush leather seat. I kept wondering "what's the point?" Three days later I began to "get it" and from then on driving was more of a pleasure though I have to agree with my ex, who, after riding as a passenger for a morning, commented, "this thing looks like it's work to drive." She was right, though the effort was more mental than physical because of ultra-wide A-pillars and the location of the outer edges; extra care was required in traffic.

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