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Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser Photos
Pictures of Toyota Land Cruisers

Trio of 1968 Land Cruisers, 2 FJ40s and an FJ55 in the Center

More Vintage Land Cruisers
1958 Land Cruiser Crossing Water
1960 Land Cruiser
Land Cruiser FJ45 Truck
1961 Land Cruiser
1961 & 1979 Land Cruisers
1963 Land Cruiser
1967 Land Cruiser
1968 Trio of Land Cruisers
1969 Land Cruiser
1971 Land Cruiser
1973 Land Cruiser
1975 Land Cruiser
1979 Land Cruiser
1981 Land Cruiser

Disclaimer: Model year info for all of these vehicles came straight from Toyota. If you think they've got it wrong, send me an email and explain why.

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