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Pickup Trucks - Truck Body Styles Explained

Terms Used to Describe Pickup Trucks


Pickup Trucks - Truck Body Styles Explained

2007 Toyota Tundra

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Most auto manufacturers call their traditional truck body -- with front seats and not much space behind them -- a Regular Cab. From there, terminology veers off, with each automaker choosing a name to describe its varied truck bodies.

Pickup trucks with four doors and rear passenger seats:

Pickup trucks with space behind the seats and more limited second row seating:

These trucks may or may not have rear doors to access the second row. Rear seats are sometimes fold-down versions called jump seats, but designs are moving towards additional comfort in the back, since many trucks are used as family vehicles.

The naming system for individual models gets more complicated and changes fairly often as new trucks are introduced. You'll also see terms such as SE, LE, XLT -- and endless others -- used to describe options packages and trim levels.

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