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Meet the Jeep Rescue Concept


Jeep Rescue Concept, 2004

Jeep Rescue Concept, 2004

DaimlerChrysler Media
Jeep designers developed a concept vehicle they say will tackle even the most extreme offroad conditions. They call the Jeep Rescue the "ultimate type of search and rescue vehicle and the ultimate execution of a Jeep offroad vehicle."

A Wide Open Ride

The Rescue can be configured to run almost totally open, with a folding front windshield, a retractable backlite, a sliding glass sunroof in front, and a fold-forward canvas roof in the rear. All four doors are removable, for a really open ride.

Body-on-Frame Construction

The Rescue has body-on-frame construction with hydroformed frame rails. It rides on an 80-inch wide chassis with a 123-inch wheelbase and 37-inch tires. The front hydropneumatic suspension and heavy-duty link-coil rear suspension give the Rescue solid footing on all types of terrain.

The suspension features adjustable ride height and an additional 4-inch lift for fording. The tires have an MTR tread and can run flat, so forget the spare. On-board tire pressure control lets the driver fine-tune tire pressures for maximum traction on all surfaces.

The Jeep Rescue is powered by a Cummins Diesel.

Rescue and Safety Equipment

  • Capable of generating AC electric power (10 kW) in the field

  • 3-D topographical mapping software and topographical navigation system

  • Passive, infrared (thermal) cameras for search and rescue

  • Satellite telephone; VHF radio, digital video recorder with satellite transmission capability

  • Retractable 4-point harnesses for occupants

  • Exterior perimeter lighting

  • White LEV lighting for long distance visual search and reduced power use

  • Folding seats in the vehicle's rear compartment

  • Seats five

  • Front and back remote control winch

Jeep says the the Rescue gives us a hint at the future design direction that large Jeeps will take. Which features will survive to be included in future production vehicles? As with any concept, it will be interesting to see how--or if--this vehicle progresses towards production.

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