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HUMMER H3T Concept Truck

Midsize concept pickup truck from HUMMER


HUMMER H3T Concept Truckk

HUMMER H3T Concept Truck, Bed Side Access Doors Open

GM Media
HUMMER chose the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, in December of 2003, to introduce the H3T midsize pickup truck, calling it a concept that "expresses a vision of the potential of future HUMMER vehicles, targeted at enthusiasts who desire the HUMMER image and capability, but in a smaller, non-SUV configuration."

The truck offers some interesting features:

  • The pickup bed has side-access doors with drop-down assist steps that can double as weather-tight storage compartments.

  • The tailgate forms an unbroken load surface when it’s down.

  • A large, power-operated folding canvas sunroof and a drop-down rear window allow open-air driving.

Off-Road Capabilities
Wheels are placed close to the corners of the vehicle, allowing it to attack steep banks without digging the front bumper into the dirt.

  • 34-inch-tall tires and 11.5 inches of ground clearance
  • 51-degree approach angle and 50-degree departure angle

The truck has a 118.6-inch wheel base and measures 74.5 inches wide. Like the H1 truck, the H3T incorporates the cab and bed in a single structure.

GM and Nike Collaboration
The truck’s tires are a result of brainstorming between Nike and GM Design—an effort to develop a tire that would do for a vehicle what Nike’s shoes do for a hiker. The ACG TA tire is designed to perform in many on and off-road conditions. BFGoodrich partnered to engineer and build the tires.

The H3T’s seating incorporates Nike’s Sphere material, a lightweight material used in specialized clothing and designed to cool or warm the body as needed.

Nike Epic backpacks are integrated into seat-back clamshells and released with elastic bungees.

Military Roots
Inside, the shifter handle folds completely forward. Military-inspired toggle switches are used for various controls. An altimeter, compass and inclinometer are mounted on the dashboard.

Exterior Features

  • High-tech, LED headlamps and taillamps.
  • Integrated winch and tow hooks.
  • Front and rear skid plates are stamped out of aluminum and joined with side "rock sliders" for off-road protection.
  • A control arm and rear axle skid plates, along with a carbon fiber skid plate/belly pan protect the vehicle when off the road.
  • A brush guard is integrated with the front skid plate and the taillamps have integrated lens protectors.
  • Driving lamps are built into the side-view mirrors.
  • Exterior colors of Petrol Blue Metallic and Satin Titanium Alloy
  • The forward-opening hood is aided by trigger-operated latches, which integrate into the trademark HUMMER hood louvers.
  • An exposed radiator offers a classic HUMMER look.
  • A camera mounted on the hood can be used to record off-road excursions in DVD format.

At the rear, the tailgate features exposed hinges (with integrated gas struts) and cantilevers to provide an unbroken load platform for the bed. The bed is more than 4 feet wide and has very small fender intrusions.

H3T Powertrain
The H3T is built on a modified GM midsize truck platform, including the coil-over front and rear suspensions. Fox remote-reservoir shocks are used for precise off-road dampening. An automatic transfer case locks the vehicle into four-wheel drive when needed.

The locking front and rear axles on the H3T are borrowed from full-size GM trucks. Braking is accomplished with four-wheel discs from Alcon. The 15-inch-diameter rotors are clamped down upon with Baer six-piston calipers in the front and four-piston calipers in the rear. Nineteen-inch wheels are mounted at all corners.

The H3T is powered by a 350-horsepower, turbocharged version of GM's new Vortec 3500 inline five-cylinder engine. The transmission used is a heavy-duty Hydra-Matic 4L65-E electronically controlled four-speed.

The H3T’s engine uses GM’s variable valve timing technology to help increase both gas mileage and and overall performance.

Although currently a concept vehicle, the H3T was built with production-type components, including chassis and suspension components that were borrowed from existing GM trucks.

It will be interesting to watch this concept truck evolve and to see the finished product if HUMMER decides to introduce it.

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Source: GM Media

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