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2004 Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks

Highlights of Changes for 2004


2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck

The all-new 2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Ford Media
The F-150 truck has been Ford's best-selling vehicle for 21 years. Ford is launching its successor, with a surge of media activity that starts on September 4. Ford is already running 15-second teaser ads that give us a brief look at the new truck.

So what's this new F-150 all about? Here's a quick rundown of its features.

  • The new F-150 tows up to 9,500 pounds and hauls up to 3,000 pounds, tops for trucks in its class. Its boxes are two inches deeper, providing up to 20 percent more cargo space than the former F-150.

  • Look for six additional inches in the cab of the Regular Cab and Super Cab models; plus 16 more inches of behind the seat storage in the Regular Cab.

  • The F-150 comes standard with four doors on every cab.

  • Double-sealed doors, thickened windowpanes, and sound-absorbing dash panels help keep the interior quiet.

  • A three-valve engine technology that generates 15 percent more power and 5 percent more torque than the previous model.

  • Ford's Tailgate Assist, a torsion bar in the tailgate, makes it easy to lift and lower the tailgate.

  • A flow-through console with floor shifter is available.

  • Second-row power windows are offered in the Super Cab model.

    Multiple Configurations

    The F-150 is offered in three cab configurations, three box lengths, two box styles, and five wheelbases, with two TritonTM V-8 engines and five distinct series with three different instrument cluster designs.

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